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Challenge the Self, Smelting Team - Documentary of the Outward Bound Training of Injet Electric

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The same piece of iron can be saw melting loss, can also be tempered into steel; the same organization, you can mediocrity, but also can achieve great cause. In order to enhance teamwork awareness, smelting team spirit, June 8, 2016 the company trade union organization of all employees, in Deyang sun footprint to expand the base to carry out one-day outdoor outreach training.

Formal training, the coach first through a series of ice-breaking activities, to create a team atmosphere, the establishment of mutual trust, followed by the guidance of the team under the guidance of the various groups of the team training project, "the mountains, support the front, the occupation of 2016 Highland" .

Among them, in the mountains, the deepest feeling is that when we use our heavy body through a pair of hands with colleagues to establish the channel; sincerely feel that "everyone is a payor, but also are the harvest, pay more , Harvest the more practical "; through the mountains of the process of training, the team's staff more closely together, and we also understand that the team's achievements in order to bring everyone's achievements, the training for the day activities Lay a good "teamwork concept."

Then, launched a "front of the war, rear support" part of the team collaboration training, "what materials in front of the rear support what materials", this part highlights the teamwork "quasi-fast, love" spirit, "Love" is to contribute their own team can, "money to pay, strong effort," forget the individual, the spirit of a team of achievements. "Love is to help the team to the best. Through this training, the team more integrated, thus forming a team "not only people, but also the spirit of" situation. But also for the occupation of the afternoon so that we are afraid of the "2016 Highlands" laid the iron-based team foundation.

The same piece of iron can be saw melting loss, can also be tempered into steel, it is a piece of iron, but if you want to be tempered into steel, must also go through every possible temper. With such a firm conviction, we began occupation of the "2016 Highlands" training, first of all, the coach released the occupation of the 2016 Highland mission, followed by about the occupation rules, teamwork discipline and other requirements. Then, the team of nearly 300 people began a difficult occupation of "2016 Highland" battle. When we have experienced a failure again and again, our captains were punished again and again, without any complaints, we understand that only by example, do their own work in order not to drag the team's hind legs in order to contribute to the team, glory for the team .

Leaving the expansion of the training ground, returned to a broader working environment, as long as we play a team spirit of mutual trust, do their jobs, each job as a training in the development of a challenge, there is no victory can not Difficult, there is no problem can not be resolved, I believe our tomorrow will be even better!

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