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Invited to participate in the China Plastics Association plastic pipe special committee 2016 plastic pipe industry exchange

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April 14, 2016, the China Plastics Processing Industry Association of plastic pipe professional committee of the Ninth 4 times the General Assembly and 2016 plastic pipe industry exchange in Chengdu, California Garden Hotel grand opening. From all parts of the industry-related units of the leadership, experts, plastic pipe production enterprises, upstream and downstream enterprises, and other units on behalf of more than 580 participants. The conference focused on the theme of "service market, industry planning, scientific and technological innovation and healthy development", and 28 industry experts gave a special report. The report covered macroeconomic situation, development trend of plastic pipe industry, technological innovation and technological progress of plastic pipe industry, Application of market information and product requirements and other areas.

As one of the drafting units of the electric fusion welding machine, Invitrogen participated in the conference and exhibited a series of DPS electric welding machine, IEFT electric welding machine and high frequency portable medium frequency power supply. The reception industry experts and plastic pipe production Enterprises and a number of spectators, and the other in Chengdu East Jinshi exhibition together to showcase our high-power DPS fused welding machine, access to customer praise and appreciation!

The participants learned that China's plastics industry, the level of service, technological innovation, industry and healthy development of the situation, the direction of our products have some help, but also to consolidate customers and expand their business has played a positive and effective role in promoting .

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