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Customer service

Service philosophy

Pursue excellence, exceed expectations, create value

Service response

Experienced full-time service engineers are at your service 24/7.

Service Hotline: 0838-2900488, 0838-2900938

You can also contact us through the after-sales email or leave a message on the website.

Pre-sale/In-sale/After-sale support

Provide project consulting, system design, and assist customers to formulate professional system solutions;
Provide corresponding technical guidance and system training, and be responsible for the commissioning and installation of project products throughout the process;

In addition, we can also provide more customized value-added services according to your needs.

Service supervision

If you have any suggestions and comments on the services provided by the after-sales service engineer, please call our service supervision telephone.

Service supervision telephone: 0838-2900585

In order to provide you with more comprehensive, professional and personal service support, we sincerely welcome your guidance and suggestions on our service model, service management and service content, and also invite you to supervise the work of our after-sales service personnel.

Customer training


Course training

We can customize training courses according to customers' projects and needs, and professional engineers provide customers with comprehensive and systematic technical training and practical operation demonstrations.

Technology Exchange

During product installation and delivery and regular inspections, our service engineers will conduct technical exchanges with customers on-site, exchange product and system application experience, and answer questions for customers.


Service Network


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Mobile website

Hotline:+86 0838-2900585  2900586
After-sales line:+86 0838-2900488  2900938

Fax:+86 0838-2900985

Switchboard:+86 0838-6930000

Address: No. 686, Jinshajiang West Road, Deyang, Sichuan, China.

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