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KTY Series Three-phase Power Controller
KTY series
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2021-12-28 13:36:00
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KTY Series Three-phase Power Controller

KTY series three-phase power controller is a product with powerful functions, rich interfaces and flexible programming of internal parameters. Products are widely used in industrial electric furnaces, mechanical equipment, glass industry, automobile industry, chemical industry and other industries.
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KTY Series
Product description

● Full digital control, high stability

● Integrate the functions of open loop, constant voltage, constant current, constant power, power regulation (zero-crossing) control, LZ (phase-shifting zero-crossing) control, online power distribution, etc.

● With true RMS voltage and current acquisition function, active power control

● With multi-channel switch and analog programming interface

● Isolation technology is used for input and output interfaces, with strong anti-interference ability

● When the power is adjusted, the power can be distributed online to reduce the impact on the power grid

● Standard configuration RS485 communication interface

● Expandable PROFIBUS, PROFINET, MODBUS TCP communication option card

● Heavy load design, strong overload capacity

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Main circuit power supply: 3ΦAC380V/500V/690V, 30~65Hz

Control power supply: AC100~240V, 0.5A, 50/65Hz

Fan power supply: AC220V, 50/60Hz



Rated voltage: 0 ~ 98% of the main circuit power supply voltage (phase shift control)

Rated current: 25~3000A

Control characteristic

Control mode: open loop, constant voltage, constant current, constant power, power regulation (zero crossing), LZ control, online power distribution

Control signal: analog, digital, communication

Load property: resistive load, inductive load


Performance index

Control accuracy: ≤1%

Stability: ≤0.2%

Interface description

Analog input: 5-way programmable input

Switch input: 1-way fixed input and 4-way programmable input

Analog output: 4-way programmable output

Switch output: 4-way programmable output

Communication: Standard RS485 communication interface, supporting Modbus RTU communication;

Support Modbus TCP communication (option);

Support Profibus-DP communication (option);

Support Profinet communication (option);


Note: the product continues to innovate and the performance continues to improve. This parameter description is for reference only.


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