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HV Series High Voltage Dc Power Module
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2021-12-28 13:33:00
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HV Series High Voltage Dc Power Module

HV series high-voltage DC module power supply is a miniaturized high-voltage power supply developed by Injet for the semiconductor industry. It can be used in ion implantation, electrostatics, X-ray analysis, electron beam systems, high-voltage insulation testing, laboratories, etc.
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HV Series
Product description

● Small size, high reliability, simple and convenient operation

● High stability of power output and low ripple

● Using high-precision analog integrated circuits for PWM closed-loop adjustment, the system is stable and the response speed is fast

● High-precision regulation of voltage and current through digital encoder

● The high-voltage power supply has the functions of constant voltage current limiting and constant current voltage limiting

● Series products optional continuous output and pulse output

● System high voltage overvoltage, load ignition protection function

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Input voltage: AC220V±10%

Input frequency: 50/60Hz


Output power: 400W

Output voltage: DC -40kV

Output current: DC 10mA


Control interface

Analog input: 1-way(DC4~20mA;DC0~5V;DC0~10V)

Switch value input: 2-way normally open

Switch value output: 1-way normally open

Communication: Standard RS485 communication interface, supporting Modbus communication;

Expandable Profibus-DP communication

Performance index

Control accuracy: 0.2%

Stability: ≤0.05%

Voltage ripple: < 0.5% (P-P under constant voltage mode), < 0.2% (rms under constant voltage mode)

Control mode: constant voltage and current limiting / constant current and voltage limiting

Protection function

Bus voltage protection: when the bus voltage is not within the set value range, the output is cut off , alarm and stop

Output overload protection: when the output current or voltage exceeds the set value of protection, alarm and stop

Output voltage protection: if the output voltage exceeds a certain set value and the number of times is too many within 1min, alarm and stop

Load ignition protection: In case of load ignition, stop the output and restart automatically. If the ignition times exceed the set value within 1min, alarm and stop

Note: the product continues to innovate and the performance continues to improve. This parameter description is for reference only.


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