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KRQ30 Series AC Motor Soft Starter
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2021-12-28 13:33:00
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KRQ30 Series AC Motor Soft Starter

KRQ30 series AC motor soft starter adopts advanced digital control technology, has multiple starting modes, can easily start various heavy loads, and is suitable for motor power of 5.5kW~630kW. Products are widely used in various three-phase AC motor driving occasions, such as fans, pumps, compressors, crushers and so on.
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KRQ30 Series
Product description

● With CCC certification

● Various start modes: torque start, current limit start, pulse jump start

● Multiple stop modes: free stop, soft stop

● Various starting methods: external terminal start and stop, delayed start

● Support motor branch delta connection, which can reduce soft starter capacity

● With motor temperature detection function

● With programmable analog output interface, real-time monitoring of motor current

● Full Chinese display panel, support panel external introduction

● Standard RS485 communication interface (Modbus RTU protocol), optional PROFBUS, PROFINET communication gateway

● The peripheral port adopts electrical isolation technology, which has strong anti-interference ability and high safety performance

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Power supply

Main circuit power supply: 3AC340~690V, 30~65Hz



Control power supply: AC220V(﹣15%+10%), 50/60Hz;

Input and output

Control signal: passive switching value

Relay output: contact capacity: 5A / AC250V, 5A / DC30V, resistive load

Working characteristics

Starting mode: torque starting, current limiting starting and pulse jump starting

Shutdown mode: free shutdown and soft shutdown

Working mode: short-time working system, starting up to 10 times per hour; After starting, bypass with contactor


MODBUS: RS485 interface, standard MODBUS protocol RTU mode, supporting 3, 4, 6 and 16 functions


System fault: alarm in case of program self-test error

Power fault: protection when the input power supply is abnormal

Phase inversion prohibition: the operation of reverse phase sequence is prohibited and protection when input is reverse phase sequence

Overcurrent: current over limit protection

Overload: I2t overload protection

Frequent starting: do not start again when the overload is greater than 80%

Thyristor overheating: protection when the thyristor temperature is greater than the design value

Thyristor fault: Protection in case of thyristor faiult

Starting timeout: protection when the actual starting time exceeds twice the set time

Load unbalance: protection when the unbalance degree of output current exceeds the set parameters

Frequency fault: protection when the power frequency exceeds the set range


Service temperature: -10~45℃

Storage temperature: -25~70℃

Humidity: 20%~90%RH,  no condensation

Altitude: lower than 1000m, more than 1000m according to GB14048 6-2016 national standard derating use

Vibration: <0.5G

IP grade: IP00


Wall mounted: installed vertically for ventilation

Note: the product continues to innovate and the performance continues to improve. This parameter description is for reference only.


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