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DPS Series Electric Fusion Welding Machine
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2021-12-28 13:33:00
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DPS Series Electric Fusion Welding Machine

DPS series electric fusion welding machine adopts high frequency inverter rectification technology, which is small in size and light in weight. The products are mainly used in special equipment for electrofusion and socket connection of polyethylene (PE) pressure or non-pressure pipelines.
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DPS Series
Product description

● Advanced digital single-chip microcomputer as the control core, with rich parameter setting, detection and perfect protection functions

● High brightness LCD display, support Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, Polish

● 20% wide power supply voltage input, fully adapting to the specific power supply environment of complex construction sites

● The output response time is fast and the stability is good when the power supply suddenly changes

● 0.5% high-precision power and time control to ensure welding quality

● U disk reading, import welding record storage function, Internet of things data upload

● Keyboard manual input or barcode scanning input

● Automatically retrieve pipe fittings for welding, and automatically detect the resistance value of pipe fittings

● With up to 10 programmable welding functions to meet the welding requirements of different pipe fittings

● Good wire protection function

● Compact structure design, light weight, suitable for carrying on non-ground construction

● Adopt high protection grade design

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Input power

Input voltage: 2φAC220V±20%或3φAC380V±20%

Input frequency: 45~65Hz

Control characteristics

Control mode: constant voltage and constant current

Constant accuracy of electric quantity: ≤±0.5%

Time control accuracy: ≤±0.1%

Temperature measurement accuracy: ≤1%

Functional features

Programming welding function: it supports multi-stage programming welding and can meet the welding requirements of different pipe fittings


Data storage function: store welding records, engineering codes, pipe fitting information, etc

USB interface function: USB data import and export function

Pipe fitting scanning function: it can scan 24 digit barcode conforming to ISO 13950-2007 (optional)

Printing function: the welding record can be printed through the printer (optional)


Operating ambient temperature: -20~50

Storage temperature: -30~70

Humidity: 20%~90%RH, no condensation

Vibration: < 0.5G, no violent vibration and impact

Altitude: less than 1000m, more than 1000m according to GB / T3859 2-2013 standard derating use


Note: the product continues to innovate and the performance continues to improve. This parameter description is for reference only.


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