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PDB series programmable power supply
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PDB series programmable power supply

PDB series programmable power supply is a kind of high precision, high stability of water cooled DC power supply, maximum output power up to 40kW, using a standard chassis design. Product wide application uesed in laser, magnet accelerator, semiconductor preparation, laboratory and other field of business.
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PDB Series
Product description

● Standard 3U chassis
● Friendly Chinese human-computer interface
● Wide voltage design, to meet a variety of different power grid use
● Adopt IGBT inverter technology, high speed DSP as the control core
● Constant voltage/constant current automatic switching
● Telemetry function, compensate load line voltage drop
● High precision adjustment of voltage & current through digital encoder
● Supports conventional more than 10 kinds of industrial bus communication
● External simulation programming, monitoring (0~5V or 0~10V)
● Support multiple machine parallel running
● Light weight, small volume, high power factor, energy saving
● Passed the international CE certification

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Performance index

Transfer efficiency: 84%~90%(full load)

Power factor: 0.9~0.99(full load)

Temperature coefficient ppm/℃(100%RL): 100

Dimensions: 0.75kW~5kW 1U case, 10kW 2U case, 15kW 3U case

Cooling mode: Air cooling


Constant voltage operation

Noise (20MHz)mVp-p: 70~400

Ripple wave (5Hz-1MHz)mVrms: 30~75

Maximum compensating voltage V: ±3V

Input regulation (100%RL): 5×10^-4 ( under 10kW ) ,1×10^-4 ( above 10kW )

Load regulation (10~100%RL): 5×10^-4 ( under 10kW ) ,3×10^-4 ( above 10kW )

Stability 8h(100%RL): 1x10^-4( 7.5V~80V ) ,5×10^-5( 100V~250V )

Noise (2OMHz)mVp-p: 70~400

Ripple wave (5Hz-1MHz)mVrms: 30~65

Constant current operation

Input regulation (100%RL): 1x10^-4 ( under 10kW ) ,5×10^-4 ( above 10kW )

Load regulation (10~100%RL): 3×10^-4 ( under 10kW ) ,5×10^-4 ( above 10kW )

Stability 8h(100%RL): 4×10^-4 (25A~200A ) ,1×10^-4 (250A~50OA)




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